Learn English

in reality

Two versions

The 1st such Language App!

  1. VR EXPERIENCE You can learn English in virtual reality. Just choose VR version and wear your VR headset. Panolingo is the 1st VR Language App in the World which will give you a real language experience.
  2. GAMIFICATION Collect points and bonuses, get into the next levels, share your score and compete with your friends. Track your progress and test yourself.
  3. 360 PANORAMAS High quality 360 panoramas which will make you feel like explorer of the the places you already know, like home, car or restaurant. The only one difference here is that everything is in English.
  4. REAL LIFE EXAMPLES Enter the Panolingo World and become its English speaking citizen. Start your journey in your bed and do what you do in everyday life. You don't need to know any word. Use your intuition!

About PanoLingo

The 1st Language Application which thanks to 360 panoramas allows to learn from the context. It's totally new, intuitive learning.

Start your journey with English in the Panolingo World. Learn words, sentences, prenunciation and grammar from real life examples on 360 panoramas using your smartphone or choose VR version and thanks to any VR headset feel like you're staying abroad.

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Virtual Reality (VR) version screens

Language App for any VR headset

Do you already have your VR headset or planning to buy one? 
PanoLingo app works with all VR headsets available on the market. 
Oculus Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Zeiss VR One, Homido, Goblin VR, Freefly or Archos VR.

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Upcoming features

  • Most Popular Languages Like Spanish, German, French, Chinese or Italian

  • iOS App PanoLingo version for iPhones

  • Theme Panoramas For professionals, enthusiasts and geeks

  • Hidden Objects / Panoramas With unusal words, senteces, synonyms and more.

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We've created PanoLingo BETA to get to know what do you like, what not and what do you expect from your language app. Do you want to create PanoLingo Language World and totally change the way people learn English?

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